Our Mission

Bethel Therapy Center aims to provide individualized and evidence-based solutions to improve the quality of life for individuals for whom we serve. We help increase utilization of  these evidence-based practices for clients, parents and staff members through individualized trainings and collaborations. We are passionate about the field and serve the community with intent to improve it and leave it better than we found it. Our promise to those we serve is to go above and beyond to provide the best quality of treatment possible within the extent of our abilities.

About us

About us

Bethel Therapy Center Corp is a BCBA owned company that has a primary focus on servicing children with special needs and their families with honesty and extraordinary ethical standards. These two components are highly valued in our company’s culture and are displayed within the services provided by our staff. We have a foundation built on over 10 years of expertise in the field of behavior analysis. We use this experience to help children with autism and related disorders grasp their goals and reach developmental milestones within their everyday lives. Our programs are focused in the scientifically proven methodology of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). We provide ABA services to our learners, with an aim to promote a positive change tailored to their needs. In combination with our desire to see the field of behavior analysis increase in quality and service delivery Bethel Therapy Center promises to provide an outstanding level of customer care. We offer learners along with their families a place to feel welcomed and safe with staff that is passionate about this remarkable field. Every child’s therapy will be personalized and developed by our lead analysts and implemented by well-trained behavior technicians under the direct supervision of the analysts.

Who we service

We offer home-based early learner programs that range from pre-school to adolescent learners. Your child will work with trained therapists who target individualized goals. This ensures they are being taught skills that will positively impact socially significant behaviors. Treatment plan objectives vary from child to child but may focus on language development, social skills training, self-management, daily living skills, and other behavior management strategies. Children will have the opportunity to generalize their skills among peers, family members, caregivers, and others within their environment. All of our programs are designed and supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to ensure ongoing progress and monitoring.